Monday, 5 August 2013

The Land of The Midnight Sun - Part 1

Hello all,

I just came back from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories  last night and although exhausted I had a fantastic time! Sadly, I couldn't go to each and every place I wanted but did enjoy the places I got a chance to experience. It's a small town just like any other with so many cute local shops and friendly people.

I have broken up postings into 3 parts for your viewing pleasure and to cover everything, so let me share my 5 day vacation with you:

Flying in with a view of Great Slave Lake and surrounding islands with bedrock

I just can't get over the provincial licence plates, their just too cute

Of course everyone is curious as to why I went to Yellowknife in the first place...and its to see one of my best friends and her little cutie, Baby E.L.M.O. (her initial make up the acronym)!

When this picture was taken I had just gotten off the plane 30 mins before, rushed to the hospital and she was born just the night before (July 30th) fact E.L.M.O. is about 16 hours old in this shot! Auntie Josie welcomes you to the world;)

                                                                 Photo credit: Facebook

Changing the subject completely...

Although it's summer time here at 15 - 20*C (59 - 68*F), that week, the air was really crisp and made me feel a little colder compared the regular folk. They call it "The Land of the Midnight Sun" since throughout the months of June to the ending of July, the sun never really sets due to the region's northern location.

I don't know if you can see the time on my watch but look at all this sunlight in the sky at 11:30pm!

This picture is of my friend's townhouse (another part of the city)...she literally has a forest as her backyard (12:30am)!

In fact, one night I tried to stay up to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), since they still come out occasionally on very clear nights in August but they didn't come out for me:( One local shop owner told me a theory is that the lights are from a reflection from a special kind of rocky mineral and the moonlight, others say it's a chemical reaction in the sky, my personal favourite comes from the traditions of Aboriginal peoples who believe its their ancestors dancing and sending messages...its more romantic.

Stay tuned for the additional highlights throughout the week of style items and this Glam Girl's trip to the cabin!!!


Lady J

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