Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Style Watch: Printed Bottoms

Hi everyone!

Throughout the Summer I have noticed so many amazing ladies and gents rocking printed pants and shoes!

I used to be scared of wearing prints on the bottom since I have a "pear-shaped" body, but now I can't resist the cute selection of pieces in stores this season!

         Photo Credit: Images via Google Images 

Style Tip: I would say, if you are heavier on the bottom just be mindful about the size of the print and not to mention the volume of your garment! For example: opt for a slightly looser skirt and/or straight leg rather than a voluminizing wide-leg trouser to balance out your smaller upper frame...but most importantly don't forget to be confident in what you choose to wear and WORK IT!!!

Loving this trend, it's such a refreshing pop of colour! What is your favourite printed piece in your wardrobe or is this trend not for you???


Lady J 


  1. Eee the heels on the left kinda reminds me of Kim K's shoes that matched her flower curtain dress

  2. I love these prints in dresses...not pants...but i love the trend

  3. Thanks for your honesty ladies! Yes, some ppl do go overboard with this trend...but elegantly printed dresses are always a staple piece!