Monday, 2 September 2013

Queen City Wedding!

Hello there!

I just came back from a wonderful wedding of a very dear family friend held in Regina, SK, nicknamed the "Queen City"! The ceremony/reception was fantastic, the guests were fabulous and the music was popping! I still can't get some of those songs out of my head!

Take a look at some of the great highlights of the day/night:

My beautiful sister, Regina and me...Yes, the irony is not lost on us that she has the same name as the city we visited lol!
Such a romantic ceremony with the lovely bride and her groom!

Getting ready for the reception = "make-up magic":

I grabbed this little golden dress from a side-street store in Montreal earlier in the summer...Also do you recognize that the shoes and clutch were from the blue dress pictures above? 

Style Tip: Remember it's always best to pack accessories that can double up with different outfits to cut down on over-packing (took me years to learn that trick):

Love it Reg!!

Gorgeous centre-piece at the reception! I wonder how they got the flowers in there and kept them from wilting???

Yummy salmon meal:

Re-entrance of the Mr & traditional Nigerian dress:

The great thing about weddings are the beautiful reunions with long lost friends (WARNING: high levels of glam style ahead)...hehehehe:

Another set of sisters, rocking their formal Nigerian attire with gele head wraps, there are so many amazing ways to tie it, check out this tutorial!

A few members of the bridal party:

Make it rain:

Oh, what a night! We basically went back to the hotel barefoot from all the jumping and dancing around:)

Sunday morning, we decided to go out for brunch at the Radisson Regina  and then headed back Saskatoon! I wanted to take the chandelier with sconces in my bag, but my sister advised me not too....*sobs*

How did you spend your Labour Day weekend?

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