Saturday, 21 December 2013

Style Watch: Holiday Party Outfits

Season's Greetings Fashionitas:

The holidays are coming up so fast,  in 4 more sleeps to be exact!

Hopefully you are attending holiday parties throughout the month and enjoying all the little treats and drinks available.

Below are a few festive trends I have noticed this season!!!:

I love how this white and cream coloured dress glows on her skintone:

Photo Credit:

A beautiful sweater for your daytime events:

Photo Credit:

A pair of fancy coloured or brocade print pants (Lady J has a pair of the black and gold ones in her closet!):

Photo Credit: oliviapalermocom

 Metallics have been consistently a part of the holiday colour palette:

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Or one can glow in all shades of green (the fringe dress is one of my favourite):

Photo Credit: Google Images

Whatever you plan to wear to your festivities, remember to be merry and joyful for all that you have!



Lady J

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