Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What was yours is loved again!

Hi lovelies!

Over the weekend I hosted a "Clothing Swap" Party!!!! For those who are unfamiliar with this, its a party where fashionitas can exchange their clothing and accessory items for another's! Essentially refreshing your wardrobe without spending any $$$!

So what happens when two or more ladies want the same item, one may ask? We, battle for it! Well not really....we have our other guests vote on who is rocking that item the best!

Loving the potluck table...the snowflake lanterns... were a hit with the girls:)

Cute cutlery set by pt trademark of Present Time on farminista.com

Fashion cuties, my blazer has a new life...hot hot hot!

Who wore it best?

A new tank top for this girly!

*This is a democratic process*
 take a look at those hand-made "Judy" voting signs made by yours truly!

Ended the night with some specialty tea, a gift from a "Fashionista Angel", Roxanne Woodley..."Be Cool" was my favourite flavour of the Kusmi Tea!!!

That was like shopping at 12 different stores in one afternoon and saving 100% of my cash!

Till next time,


Lady J