Sunday, 5 January 2014

Ways to Make a Positive Change Last

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Hi everyone:

I have kicked off the new year with looking for articles that will allow me to further my motivation and grow my inner beauty in the projects that I am currently working on!

Let me be honest with you....procrastination has been a major barrier in my life (omg! not Lady J?!), well believe it! Recently, I have adopted a "15 minute" strategy, where I will work on a project for only 15 minutes to get started...then assess if I need to take a break or continue working. Surprisingly, 8/10 times focus sets in and I will continue working till I get it all done, realizing "wow that really wasn't that bad" or "I should have done that earlier".

So, that is one tip from me to you, but click on the Mind Body Green article to access 12 more ways to make a positive change last!


Lady J 

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