Friday, 7 February 2014

Shopping in Saskatoon - Part 1

Hi fashionistas:

So over tea with friends the topic of shopping locally here in Saskatoon, SK came up (surprise, surprise)! Although both of the ladies were new to the city, one of them expressed her bordeum with the local malls and their limited amount of unique pieces as well as sizing that would be appealing to her petite and curvy figure. So she asked, "where do you shop Lady J?"...

As a self-proclaimed shopaholic *hand-to-heart* I thought I would create a 3 part series of my favourite boutiques in Saskatoon, to guide those newbies in the city as well as people who want to find different places to pick up wardrobe pieces, and not be another girl at the party wearing the same outfit as 10 other women there (true story...but I exaggerate) this is for you:

Fly Channel Fashion
101 -- 733 Broadway Ave. 
Saskatoon, SK 
Fly Channel Facebook Page 

This is a wonderful little boutique, that a friend took me to way way back in high school! They get a lot of their merchandise from Asian countries with colourful prints, interesting and clever design elements to their clothing as well as accessory items. I have gotten many great pieces from there throughout the years including a rainbow tote bag, ruffle blouses and my newest tangerine maxi dress (my wishful thinking for warmer weather):

There you will find Ling, with her friendly aura who is always available to give amazing styling advice for how to wear and enhance the item(s) you hope to buy!

Coming soon....Part 2

Lady J


  1. Fun! this is why I love blogs, I have never heard of this store :)

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