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What I'm into: Eyebrow Threading Technique

Hello beauty lovers:

As someone with very sensitive skin, I am not a big fan of waxing usually, so I have adapted my eyebrows to incorporate the threading routine.

This practice has been around for centuries all over southern Asia as well as Eastern Africa. By using, strong cotton thread women (and some men I'm sure) have been maintaining smooth hairless the secret is out I guess...

Follow along with this step-by-step guide to perfecting the threading technique and creating a near-perfect brow shape! It really does frame your face and also can give the appearance of a more open and lifted eye!

Check yourself out first and observe what brow look will flatter your face and eye shape....for me personally I have very round features so a fuller eyebrow looks best, the thinner and smaller your features are, the thinner and smaller you are permitted to make your brow shape (but watch out, since you don't want non-existent brows! we have all met those people lol) Some ladies like to use a white eye pencil to outline their new desired shape and/or just the spots where the would like to remove the hair.

Ok back to you want to start with a looped piece of thread about 12 inches/30 cm long (about the length of a ruler) or your forearm.

Next you will twist the centre of the loop and create a "bow-tie" shape to place along the skin area, with your fingers facing inward, you will feel in control to slide the string upwards against the hair and towards the nose. The hair gets trapped in the twisted string and it almost lifts them up and out of the pores. Imagine a lawn mower cutting blades of grass!

This continuous motion will feel like 10 plucks at once!!! But we had a saying in our household that "it hurts to be beautiful" but if it's just a touch-up then the pain is a lot less:)

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Ultimately, threading is all about naturally you will stop and start again at different points to create your ideal shape!

Also be mindful of a few key things:
*You may see some redness post-threading but not to worry it is very normal and will fade within a hour or less

*You can use your trusty tweezers to take care of those stubborn stray hairs that my be too tricky to thread out (probably closer the the inter arc of you brow; between the areas of #1 & 2 in the first image)

*To keep your brows looking neat and sharp, maintain this routine every other week

*Also don't be afraid of filling in your brows with a matching eyebrow pencil or eye shadow that goes with your natural brow colour to give a finished and smooth look! We call do that ;)

**Bonus Tip: in case you have long or slightly curly brows like me....comb the hairs upwards and trim the edges of the arc (areas #2 & 3) with some fine bladed scissors....hopefully the security detail at the airport did not confiscate them like they did your girl #truestory #youknowwhatmynextpurchaseis


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