Monday, 28 April 2014

Beauty in a Patch?

Hey all:

Has your life as busy as mine? *whew!*

By the way have you seen this controversial video from Dove?

*Spoiler Alert*

How did you like it?

When I first saw it, I wanted to call shenanigans....I mean a beauty patch, like really? I thought maybe it would be damaging for the wearer, full of "happy hormones" and "artificial chemicals"....but artificial is right "beauty is a state of mind" and no one can tell you otherwise!

Although this was just a placebo effect on the women involved, it's a larger commentary on idealistic beauty standards that the media puts out there about the "right size" and the "right" combination of features.

As the media begins to diversify with bloggers and other user-generated content such as you and me, the stage opens up to voices of women who have overcome obstacles as well as grow and continue to be filled with self-acceptance. It is a life-long trek for many, but it's possible. Take care of yourselves!


Lady J 

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