Sunday, 11 May 2014

Living in Saskatoon:Free Flow Thursdays

Hey all,

For all professionals and business owners, living here in Saskatoon, there is a monthly event called "Free Flow Thursdays" put on my the Mane Productions team....on you guessed it....Thursday evenings. These networking events are a motivational way to chat with others looking to make meaningful business connections!

This time around it was at the Holiday Inn downtown and the dress-code was business casual so I opted for basic black slacks and an orangey-red bow blouse!!! It's becoming my signature look, those flirty bow blouses!!! Also check out my red/yellow/gold/blow string earrings for additional colour!

At the event I met a wonderful childern's book author, Marion Mutala who self-publishes her works about her family's Ukrainian heritage to educate kids as well as the adults who read to them about wedding, birthday and holiday traditions! *grins*

Also met up with the ladies of Saskatchewan Craft Council, Steph. C. (right) was a previous contact I made in my university days (too many years ago!), nice seeing her again!

 Look at that bustling room...

If you live in the city, I hope to see you next time:)

Lady J

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