Thursday, 3 July 2014

African Fashion + Designers!

The inspiring looks coming out of the continent of Africa and from fellow ex-pats are INCREDIBLE! Traditional prints and creative designs are giving fashion-forward men and women a reason to feel sexy and proud!!!!

Personally, mixing traditional prints with items I buy locally in Saskatchewan is a great way to highlight both aspects of my wardrobe!

Below are a few designers and items to share:

Botswana Fashionistas with their lovely colourful accessories - The Khoi Fro

Loved this collared-coat....very striking!

Also mixing contrasting prints has become a wonderful trend!!!

Kente cloth design print dress shirt

Traditional embroidered tunic shirts on wax printed old classic but with a modern slim fit

Ankara-style fabric in a playsuit design! Playsuits are becoming summer essentials for Lady J

African-print with solid colour for South African Fashion Week
Sober - Spring/Summer 2014

Also stay tuned for my upcoming highlights of AfroFest Regina over the weekend where I hope to catch more amazing African-inspired styles and cultural happenings:)

Lady J 

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