Saturday, 27 July 2013

Elements of Style

What is style to you? How would you define your style identity?

Interesting questions that I have been pondering this week...For me its hard to say because it depends on my mood, the sticker price and the fit of my clothes at the current moment.

From others my style has been described as: flirty, sexy, classy, funky, pretty and even old-lady-ish *eyeroll*. Some of the above observations I don't really agree with but I feel like the elements of my wardrobe is a spectrum of all of these things, making up a blended style identity. These are elements you will usually catch me wearing:

                                  Bow Blouses

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                              Summer Dresses

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                            Knit Sweaters

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                                                ...and anything Purple

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I am curious as to what you think. In the comments, describe 3 elements or characteristics of your personal style identity!


Lady J


  1. Describing your style in one word I would say feminine. Pastels, lace, heels, bows, ruffles you seem to like it all ;)

    I'm not sure how I would describe mine. I know I have certain patterns but I have also been experimenting more lately.

    I love bright and bold solids, tailored silhouettes, dark wash wide leg jeans, and khakis. I like lace but I have an irrational dislike for bows and pastels. I also generally don't wear heels (but like most wedges). One friend described my style as "casual cool". For makeup I like mascara and a nice lip (matte generally) but am bare faced 98% of the time.

    Mustard yellow, charcoal gray, and navy blue are three colours I love in clothing. I am also developing a thing for plum purple and coral (the orangey shade not the soft,pinky one).

    There. Those are my overly detailed thoughts. :P

    Congratulations on starting the blog :)

    1. Hi JazzFest:

      Thanks so much for your comments!!! And I love your detailed thoughts....very interesting colour schemes!
      I look forward to your future feedback.

  2. After a complete overhaul of my closet this weekend, the three words that I use to describe my style are: eclectic, sister swap & flow.

    1. Thanks CFJ!!! Yes, I need an overhaul of my closet very soon too! I love the "sister swap and flow" :)

  3. My three wardrobe descriptors are: eclectic, sister swap and flow.