Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Wild Night!

Hello my pretties!

Over the weekend I was able to host a few friends over at my place for a dinner party with an animal print theme!!! Nothing like your best buddies coming over to make you clean your home and actually use a pot!

Below is a the inspiration picture:

                                                           Photo Credit: Google Images

And the rest are the creative visions of the party:

I thought of using real flowers, but then the maintenance is another thing the hostess has to look after, and we all know there are enough details to worry about already, so I went with the fakes.

The "table-runner" was actually two scarves I bought and artfully taped down on top of a white table cloth to get the same pop(!) as the inspiration photo...also I had a tough time finding an animal print table cloth and didn't think about the fabric store till the day of...

Also I was lucky to have such great candle and candle-holders as well as the plastic martini glasses already at home (thank goodness for the dollar store!!!)

Our buffet table with yummy items including coconut shrimp, vegetable noodles, samosas, seasoned potatoes...

With the "place mats" I actually bought a yard's length of mesh mat material and cut it to use for the dinner.


Lady J

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