Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Land of the Midnight Sun - Part 3

Welcome back!

This is the final post of my vacation in the Spectacular Northwest Territories!!! The remaining days were spent at my friend's in-law's cabin overnight, so she and her husband could stay up with Baby E.L.M.O. at home...when they first suggested this, all I could do was stare blankly in silence...I was cool with 1-hour guided boat tours but at someone's place? where-they-do-that-at?

My family is not too outdoorsy, our idea of vacation has been visiting another city and sight-seeing in shopping malls, museums and city parks! But the"when in Rome, do what the Romans do" idea took over me and I accepted the offer, check it out!

Hello there, just enjoying myself on the boat ride on Vee Lake where the in-laws have their cabin. This is approximately a 20 minute drive away from Yellowknife and Great Slave Lake and their property is another 15 minute boat ride.


The gorgeous creek which separates the "arms" or regions (North Arm, East Arm etc.) of the lake...

You will find a lot of bedrock islands, moss and Black Spruce trees here. Also I was told that eagles and porcupines come to visit once in while but we saw and heard loons a lot that weekend:

Looks like a coral reef, doesn't it?

Her in-law's cabin is on it's own island which they bought just last October:


I know it looks like I am on this trip all by myself, but her in-laws and their other family members were very camera-shy and didn't want to be on the blog. I told them that you guys wouldn't bite but they still declined :(

We got a fire going for a wiener roast:

The in-laws are currently in the process of renovating the cabin into a loft-style home, since it was just a one room residence before. Their kitchen now, was actually the total size of the cabin. You can see where the original structure was, since her Mother-in-Law re-painted the side of the house and the rest is an extension just built  since last fall. The upstairs bedroom (loft) is basically complete but they want to work on the exterior (ie: deck extension, secondary fire pit etc.) over the summer and make use of the good weather and then the interior in the Winter.

They were also in the process of fixing their internal plumbing system and outdoor shower. Yes, Lady J had to use an out-house for the weekend...haven't had to use one of those since summer camp a good 15 years ago!

I have to say though, it is pretty glam for an out-house hahahhaha...They picked up the stain-glass windows on their trips to central America!


This one is in the door:

Love the clouds and sparkling water!!!

 View of Vee Lake from the dock at 10:30pm:

The next morning we took to the water for a little fishing...this was my first time:

My divalicious sunglasses were very entertaining for everyone at the cabin:

The Father-in-Law and his niece caught two Pike fish... no beginner's luck for Lady J:(

The fish became our lunch meal, fried and badder-ed in milk and lemon pepper with a side of veggies and was godly!!!!

Just messing around on the "Pontoon" boat, it-ain't-no-thang...are you kidding? I am still, just as surprised as you...Lady J doesn't usually do water sports! That smile is really the pain I'm experiencing with my nails digging into the oars! jks

On my very last day in Yellowknife my friend, her husband along with the new baby and I ate Sunday Brunch at the "Explorer Hotel", it has a modern cabin feel...very swanky!!!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you my friend's Father-in-Law is a Taxidermist, funny enough his brother is too and they have a lucrative business together!!! I was laughing for days about this....and still laughing!

Interesting Yellowknife Fact: His brother did this polar bear mount at the Hotel and the Father-in-Law did another polar bear mount at the local airport of the bear trying to catch a fish just above the Baggage Claim area (it's pretty good)! I am told that in Taxidermist circles, these brothers clean-up at competitions and are sent mounting requests from private residences, businesses, governments and royal families.....oh the fascinating people I meet in life!

Below is the restaurant of the Explorer Hotel, with the World's Best Sunday Brunch in my opinion....a very wise friend once told me when it comes to buffets "your eyes are BIGGER than your stomach" too true!!!

All in all I really enjoyed Yellowknife and may come back in the Spring instead, just to get the contrast in season...the Yukon may be next on my list!

And have the magnet to prove it lol!


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures: looks like so much fun! Definitely my idea of a good holiday.

  2. Thanks JazzFest, yes I hope to visit Yellowknife again soon!