Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What I'm into....Music: Quadron

So for the last couple of weeks I have been loving and I mean LOVING this Danish duo "Quadron". They are a beautiful and intelligent pair that mix a lot of soul and R & B music, with some Euro-techno!!! You got to love that match but I will let them speak for themselves and their music:

Courtesy of Youtube.com

In other interviews, they have mentioned how they came up with their band name....The duo mentioned that they are both 1/4 Black since Coco's grandfather is of African-descent and Robin's grandfather is African-American. "Quadroon" as it's spelt in North America is a historical term not used too often and usually individuals are referred to as "bi-racial" and/or "multi-racial". 

Another thing I really adore is Robin's style who always has such a gentlemanly and minimalist look with tailored separates!!! Coco, has so many great retro outfits and funky accessories. She is a curvy girl and working every single angle, it's very refreshing in this weight-obsessed media world we live in! Also her wavy hairstyle really suits her face shape:) 

For more on this up and coming band check out and "like" their Facebook page!

Also their music was the soundtrack to my dinner party in A Wild Night:)
By the way I am curious about the new music that you are into, leave a comment!!!!!

Happy listening xox

Lady J 

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  1. I am in love with mumford and sons! checked out the video...and nice!