Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We need Graffiti!!! 2013 SCYAP Show

Hi all,

I hope the middle of your week is going well! I wanted to mention a really cool organization here in the city called "Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming"or SCYAP for short!!!

Over my busy weekend, I was able to go to their graffiti show and meet some really interesting people, who are passionate about being creative! I actually heard about this event, through someone who sat at my table during the Luncheon En Vogue (the weird things that happen to me....). Enjoy the highlights of the event:

Various artists' paintings:

I love the self-portraits of the staff hanging on the wall:

Along with an art gallery viewing there were musical performances! I really liked the Northern Lights! Below are a few members (right to left) Gabrielle, Rory and another guy...but I didn't catch his name:( Their sound is a mix of all different music styles like jazz, folk, pop-rock etc....they play in venues all over Saskatoon, check them out if you have a chance! 

Met some really cool people from North Battleford, SK while listening to great music and watching graffiti artists and of course snacking on fruit hehehehe:

Before and After!

Even a random chess game broke out in between music sets:

Can you see the wedding photo-shoot going on while we're in the alley??? lol

Also SCYAP does drop-in art classes for all ages on Tuesdays/Thursdays 5:30-9pm and also Saturdays from 1-6pm, where you can use their art supplies to create your might even bump into Lady J there!

Lady J 

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