Sunday, 2 March 2014

Body Image Empowerment!

Hi all,

For many women (and in recent years men) it has been difficult to accept one's body as it is...but rather many speak very critically and in a self-deprecating manner about their self-image!
As we are all a part of consuming the mass media and idealized representations, we believe that our bodies are unworthy of love and acceptance.

Even compliments and positive affirmations from others covers up our insecurities momentarily till one begins believing the negatives's really an uphill battle.

Below is a lovely poem from a talented artist,  Rachael Wiley called "10 Honest Thoughts on Being LOVED by a Skinny Boy"....she has such a fantastic way of weaving her words that you can easily envision the scenes she presents:

It gave me chills when I first heard it and made me thinks "that's going on the blog"!


Lady J 

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